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The Natural Hygiene Network is a loosely organized group for health support. We have recently created an parallell group - Houston Health Association (in line with the new National Health Association name on ANHS in Florida) - especially for newcomers. We'll tell you more later.
Email contact09orthopathy.net to find out when the next meeting is. We may watch a video and discuss. Or a local health professional may be invited to speak. No membership fee.
Once a month we get together at a restaurant, to have some fun and good food. The time is around 7 pm on the first Monday in the month. - Email contact09orthopathy.net.

Meet some members
mamiko Mamiko went from deteriorating health, finally resulting in a tumor - to her current high level of health - just by changing her eating habits and increasing her exercise and sleep. She is the current leader of the network.
Mamiko Matsuda is an International Health Educator and internationally acclaimed author. She helps people who are looking for the most effective way of weight control and creating better health without any medication or medical treatment.
She translated the world famous diet book "Fit For Life" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond into Japanese (as "Lifestyle Revolution'). This book has been sold in over 12 million copies worldwide and chosen to be one of the 25 fine books in the world among the Bible and Gone with the Wind.
The Japanese readers who have been impressed by the life style recommended in Fit For Life, are looking for more information on Natural Hygiene. In order to reply their demand, Mamiko in 2002 published her own book titled "Super Health Revolution". It is the first book on Natural Hygiene ever written by a Japanese.
In her book she tells how she was weak and sick in her childhood and adolescent years. "When I was young I had a all kind of problems, that my doctor gave me antibiotics for. That was the beginning of deteriorating health, with increasingly painful periods, and finally tumors in my uterus, and enlarged my uterus as big as the size of a melon. I had a hysterectomy and became no longer able to have a baby at as young as 34. It was the worst day in my life. After the operation, I had to go through a severe long-lasting surgical menopause with hot flashes, fatigue and other debilitating emotional problems. But two years later my best friend whose grand father had been saved his life by Dr, Tilden, one of the pioneers of Natural Hygiene, introduced me to this remarkable health method, and started my road to my current high level of health, high energy and well-being."
After she studied Natural Hygiene she became a qualified health consultant. She is e.g. teaching ladies who have myomas of the uterus how to get rid of them by following Natural Hygienes life style without surgery or medication. She is sure that she would have been able to save her uterus if she had known the Hygienic life style.
Mamiko She is quite active in the field of spreading health message of the Natural Hygiene not only in the United States through American Natural Hygiene Society, currently called National Health Association, Houston Health Association and Vegetarian Society of Houston. but also in Japan through seminars visiting major cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and others. She has organized a group called Super Health Revolution Society, the same name as her book, in Japan. Its purposes are to make the Japanese people aware of the fact that health is a result of healthful living, and to support them to follow the Hygienic life style not only for their better health and well-being but also for leaving better environment of the earth to their children and their children. Mamiko in 2003 wrote and published "What Children Should Eat" in Japanese - about how health during pregnancy and choosing a healthy partner is important for having a healthy baby - and about weaning, food for toddlers & school children. She has since written several other books in Japanese.
She always says everyone has a potential power to become super healthy, but the majority of people in our society dont know how to develop it.
Come to our meeting of Houston Health Association to learn how!
harvey Harvey was one of the starters of the network, and an earlier leader. He changed from being a pharmacist to "never using drugs", due to personal experiences. This is from an article in a local newspaper:
Harvey says he spent 20 years conscientiously helping people get sicker. But since 1984 he has worked to reverse that trend.
As a licensed pharmacist and owner of a medical clinic pharmacy in Ottawa, Canada, Harvey worked long hours back in the 1970's, dispensing the prescription drugs citizens of Western societies have come to consider a panacea for what ails them.
"It took me years to believe the evidence of my experience," he says. "But I finally had to admit that drugs don't heal. Prescribed medications may mask the symptoms of illness, but they can't get to the root cause.
The frustration of that realization, coupled with a personal medical history, that included illnesses ranging from a minor heart attack before he was 40, to an assortment of allergies, migraine headaches, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and kidney stones, sent Harvey and his wife Sara on a personal search for what they call the "true road to health".
For years Sara practically camped out in the library, bringing home everything she could find on alternative approaches to personal health and well-being. The couple incorporated into their lives suggestions from this reading, that appeared to make sense.
"We'd try something for two or three months, and if we felt better we kept it. If, at the end of that time, we experienced no discernible improvement in our energy level, skin tone, or general sense of well-being, we discarded it.
What their bodies had to say began to be much more pleasant to hear, approximately 1984 when the couple started incorporating the ideas of Herbert M. Shelton, a Texas naturopathic doctor, into their lives.
Dr. Shelton, who died in 1985 at the age of 90, was the author of Health for the Millions, a book in which he outlines the basic premises of the rugged diet and health regimen known as Natural Hygiene. "Shelton's teachings are based on discoveries made in the 19th century about the nature of disease and health," Harvey says. "In this world view, health is the normal state. Disease is abnormal, the body's reaction to external conditions that are unfavorable. By providing the body with the nutrition, unpolluted air and water, exercise and productive activity it craves, we can practically assure ourselves an illness-free existence"
Basic to Natural Hygiene is vegetarianism (this is changing though), and preferably 85% of all foods raw - because, Harvey says, "even a light steaming destroys the delicate enzymes in fruit and vegetables. Simple meals, that allow the digestive system to handle similar foods together, making the most efficient use of the body's digestive resources. The human digestive system is long and convoluted. That's a sure sign of a natural vegetarian."
Harvey is making a living as an acupuncturist in Houston.
You can read Harvey's interesting autobiography here.
eva Eva used to be afraid to water-fast herself, but got enthusiastic after trying it in a place where many people were fasting.
A couple of years ago I and my husband were in Florida, and happened to meet a very healthy and young-looking lady. She actually was much older than her looks, and when we wanted to know her secret - she told us to so go see Dr. Esser.
So we drove to Dr. Esser's place in Florida, listened to him and thought it made a lot of sense. By that time we both suffered from many ailments, digestion problems and overweight. We ate a typical meat and potato diet, but after this meeting we both started cutting down on meat, and noticed a considerable health improvement. Our transition to a healthier diet was not very consistent, but now it's going in the right direction. Problem-example: when we went on a cruise recently, there was so much tempting (unhealthy) food, that it was hard to resist.
I went to the last ANHS conference, had a good time, and listened to every lecture possible. But had a hard time eating mainly fruit in the morning like most attendants, because at home I usually have Roma coffee, hot cereals, toast or powdered milk. Sometimes fruit. But I eat pretty well the rest of the day, almost vegan with lots of raw vegetables. Occasionally I'll have a tuna salad.
Meeting with people that do the same thing is important, a support group is a very good idea. We can meet for lunch as well if we want to. If we invite non-hygienists to speak, we should be careful not to let them advertise drugs and the like without comment, - but afterwards always discuss and explain the Natural Hygiene standpoint. We need to be better at this than we have in the past.
In the spring of 2000 I decided to spend 2 weeks at Dr. Esser's place - I wanted to try a juice-diet. But after only one day there, talking to many fasting patients, I lost my fear - and went on a water fast! Great success - I lost many pounds, and had lots of new energy within just a couple of days after breaking the fast. I really felt rejuvenated and got a great start for a improved lifestyle - especially getting rid of my coffee addiction was super. Dr. Esser is wonderful, going the round every morning, taking generous time talking to all patients - and on Sundays he gave health lectures for patients and visitors.
russ Russ is a Texan, who tried vitamins and other cures for his severe colds, but finally decided on learning from the Natural Science of Health.
I grew up in San Antonio. When I was at the University of Texas in Austin I suffered severe colds, at least four or five a year. And really suffered. Back in those days you had to go to school whether you were sick or not, and my biochemistry teacher always used to say that everybody in the world needed a good vitamin.
Well, when I got out of school in 1955, after a stint in the Korean War, I bought every vitamin singly in mega-doses, but I still got sicker than a dog. About five or six times a year, so I got more of health problems. Then I took a vegetable protein powder for many years, which relieved the symptoms - but then I got allergic to the wheat in it, so I couldn't take it anymore.
I am a Rotarian, and Harvey came to speak about Natural Hygiene at our Rotary luncheon one day, and I thought it made sense. And I started going to the meetings, but I am just like most of you - I'd go in for it wholeheartedly for three weeks, and then I'd fall off the wagon. Now I have found that you have got to take one little item at a time, and integrate that into your life. Nobody likes change, sudden change. So now I am finally getting better and better.
Also I think happiness is a state of mind. If you think you are happy, you are going to be happy. But if you think you are unhappy, you will be miserable. For example if you are stressed out, running here and there.... - I can hear you people out there - it is allright for him, but I have to make a living. But if you don't stop and slow down, that money is not going to do you any good. You are going to be ill-healthed, in the same shape as people sick in the hospital. Also you have to be spiritually content with yourself. And be tranquil when you eat, sit down, eat slow, masticate well - all these things in a bundle will make life a real happiness for you.
Louis is a very active retiree, bicycling all over Texas and other states, and a devoted roller-blader.
I came to Houston in 1921, and after being a State Farm insurance agent for 47 years, I took early retirement. Now I am 80 years plus. My favorite sports are bicycling city-to-city, e.g. Houston to San Antonio or Austin, and roller-blading. My monthly goals are 350 miles of cycling and 50 miles of roller-skating. My favorite study is the study of the word of God.
My problems were bleeding stomach, headaches and lacking agility of joints - and I had one stomach surgery. About 30 years ago I came into healthful eating, which eliminated much suffering. The doctors had wanted to remove my stomach to stop the pain, and of course that would have cured it - I wouldn't have had any more stomach.
But instead I found a healthy eating program of fresh vegetable juices, and a proper fresh diet, and have enjoyed very good health since then. I started out by reading books by P. Airola, P. Bragg and N.W. Walker, reading about experiences of other people and ways of cleansing internally, and following these regimens worked for me. I found the Natural Hygiene Network by knocking around here in Houston.
I heartily recommend that everybody learn more about their body and how it functions. We know the least about what we live in, our body, and how easy it is to let it function normally in freedom from illnesses and disease.



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