Two medical philosophies exist today, and have been in conflict for hundreds of years.
  1. One wants to add toxins (poisons) to a sick body – the idea is that the toxins will "fight" the illness – the body is a hapless victim - and the cause is bacteria, viruses or some unknown evil. Just give the patient drugs, or medicines, or herbs – and see, you get an immediate improvement (that is, no more disease symptom).

  2. The other wants to remove toxins from a sick body – this is also called detoxify – the idea is that the toxins cause the disease. --- When the body detoxifies you can get a lot of scary (disease) symptoms – but hey, do NOT stop them – then the toxins will stay in your body, and accumulate, and gradually make you weaker and sicker. --- The last stage of toxicity is cancer.
  • Medical drug therapy is an example of the first category. Natural Hygiene is an example of the second.
  • Adding toxins is EXPENSIVE (you have to pay for drugs etc.) -- while removing toxins is CHEAP (automatic body processes). Can you see why the first category is all-dominant?
  • In the detox theory, viruses and bacteria are the clean-up crew, disappearing (changing form) as soon as the job is done.


    Time for housecleaning

    About detoxification: the body is able and willing to remove all toxins by itself - but can need a little help:

    FIRST: REMOVING the toxins:

    It is very simple:
    YOU JUST NEED TO STOP the constant influx of new toxins, by eating better and avoiding new toxins/drugs.
    The body itself will automatically take care of the detoxification job.
    • Every night the body detoxifies automatically. You can help the detoxification by going to bed on an empty stomach. Or by not eating breakfast, or have a very light breakfast. (Example: the Fit for Life books recommended eating only fruits in the morning.) You can cut down on coffee, salt, pepper, and other outright toxins like tobacco and alcohol - instead drink more water, eat high-water content foods. You can cut down on carbohydrates and sugar, eat less sweets, cakes, pasta, bread. You can try to eat smaller portions - and use mostly raw, non-processed, organic foods – e.g. you can consume mainly raw vegetable juices, which is a classic detox technique. Being on a raw vegetarian or raw hunter-gatherer diet is another possibility.
    • Every time a woman has the menses she is detoxifying (to clean house to prepare for an eventual new baby). If you follow the above advice of light eating and avoiding toxins, the menses will be shorter and lighter – and the detoxification will be more efficient – with these freebees: more energy and younger looks! Sidenote: WHY do women live longer than men? Answer: probably because of the menses, the monthly detoxification!
    • Every time you have a cold you are detoxifying. Just follow the advice above, the cold will be shorter, and the detoxification more efficient. Actually, most efficient is to drink only water and lie in bed – then you will be well in no time – and so clean (on the inside) that you won't get a cold again for quite some time (- until your body is filled up with toxins to its limit again).
    • Most efficient: you can water-fast , e.g. at a fasting institution – there are two in Texas (More here).

    Sleep and relax more
    for better everyday automatic detox.
    • Maximize the energy in your body.
      HOW? --- Very simple, by sleeping and resting more. If there is more charge in your battery, your body will work more efficiently, with more power, and for longer hours.
      And by not wasting energy - e.g. eat less and better, don't stress and fret - then less energy will be lost.

      - Exercise will waste energy short-term, but save energy long-term (due to better functioning of the body).
      - Fasting is the ultimate rest for the digestive system. Fasting always gives speedy and maximally beneficial results. (But you must be nutritionally non-deficient.)

    • Possibly, optionally - usually not actually recommended at all in Natural Hygiene - use detox-assisting therapies, but only if they are non-invasive, no-drugs and light touch.
      An example is CranioSacral Therapy (CST). (Find CST info here and here)
      These therapies work by mechanical removal of blockages in the cleansing (detoxifying) systems of the body: CST - the craniosacral (cerebrospinal) system. CST is of assistance when your spine or cranium has a dislocation/damage of some kind, e.g. from an auto accident, a fall on the head, or from Caesarian section pressure-caused skull-bone dislocations.
      But of course, do ONLY use therapies as optional additional help. If you rely on therapies only, your body will soon clog up again.

      Warning: colon-cleansing is typically enervating and irritating for the body, and will NOT help you detoxify, despite its claims. If you have a minor colon problem you can fast - or just change your diet. If you have a serious colon-problem you MUST first water-fast, to rest and heal the system - then go on an improved diet.

    WARNING: when you detoxify – when your body initiates a detoxification due to too much "dirt in the system" - you will feel funny, and may get cold-symptoms – perhaps runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, rashes, headaches, other aches and pains. This is normal and good – just big house-cleaning ongoing!
    Don't do anything - don't take anything, no medicine/concoct is necessary or even beneficial - just drink clean water (distilled is fine) and rest (as much as you can) - or eat simple raw foods in very small amounts (you probably don't have any appetite anyhow) - lie down and sleep (more than normally). Let the process take its time - you have to - or small problems will grow bigger and bigger.

    Example: If you stop ("cure") every small headache with headache pills, they will develop into BIG headaches. And if you stop these with pills - the next stage (that may take many years to get to) will probably be migraines. Which is a sign that you are now VERY toxic, and it may take months of detoxification before you get well.
    While the original small headaches would have taken only hours of detoxification to get rid of.

    Mothers can transfer toxins
    via nursing to the baby.
    1. ALWAYS ASK yourself when faced with medical advice: will it INCREASE OR DIMINISH - MY LOAD OF TOXINS??

    2. DECIDE to get the best of both philosophies/systems.
      So, before you even think of going the drug route – try to detoxify – it is very simple.   ---   Why not after? Because if you wait until after you have taken drugs, it will be much more difficult to detoxify, since you have just added a load of new toxins.
      ALWAYS BEGIN BY DETOXIFYING --- do NOT add any new toxins to your system if you can avoid it. (Note: if scare tactics are used, like "you will die if you don't take these drugs immediately" - remember that doctor-caused death is appr. the 3rd largest reason for dying in US hospitals. - And perhaps contact an alternative health professional and detox-specialist for a second opinion.).

    3. YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN - only a few doctors nowadays know anything about how the body detoxifies. If the many upcoming detox symptoms scare you, which may be the case especially if you have been on strong drugs, contact a qualified fasting institution/doctor and get support. Or find a local Natural Hygiene group. If you currently are on drugs you must work with your medical doctor to diminish the doses, if possible. The drugs of today can be very dangerous, so don't take any chances. The more garbage your body has to unload, the more symptoms you will get, but usually one at a time.

    4. BE PATIENT, it will take time - unless you water-fast, which is usually very speedy, with fantastic results even for difficult diseases - provided you rest (save energy) while fasting.
      If you just change your eating habits and sleep more, the detox will go slowly over many months, with occasional detox crises (e.g. colds, rashes) when the body has some extra tough problem and may even use increased temperature (=fever). In the end you will come out feeling fantastic and very happy - like a load has lifted from your mind and body.
      Remember that you have used many years for accumulating all this garbage, so be patient. And that the improvement will be real and deep, not cosmetic and superficial ( - like drug treatments).

      according to the LAWS OF LIFE. (Not dealing with mechanical damage from accidents.)
      You may need improvement in all of the following three areas. - So next ASK YOURSELF : could the reason for my problem be that I am
      1. TOXIC ? (Should I detoxify?)
      2. DEFICIENT ? (Do I get enough sunshine, water, dietary nutrients?)
      3. ENERVATED ? (Should I sleep and relax more?)

      (Or mix and match.)
      Method A = detoxify: when you body wants to detoxify, let it detoxify - by making certain you redirect more energy to the detox processes - either through fasting, raw juice-diet or just eating less.
      Method B = avoid toxins in your diet: improve your diet, but don't complicate it - more raw and more organic is usually the key. When you choose diet method - it is easiest if you eat approximately like your old diet, but with more raw foods, less carbohydrates and sugars, NO junk or deep-fried foods, cook conservatively, avoid salt and peppers, avoid herbs (because they contain irritating chemicals), eat natural organic non-processed foods, eat moderately, perhaps smaller portions more often. Either drink water or fresh vegetable juices. (Instead of juice, you can make a raw blended salad in your food-proccessor.) Being on a raw vegan diet will work wonderfully if it is time-limited (to max. a year or two), or you will slowly get into deficiency trouble. Being on a raw vegetable diet with meat/chicken/fish will work very well.
      Method C = increase your energy: sleep more, rest more. Chew your food well, eat less, and food-combine - this will save energy. (The more available energy, the faster and more efficient detox.)
      Method D = treat your body better in other ways: e.g. be in the outdoors more, exercise more, live where the pollution level is low, have a mentally and spiritually satisfying life with lots of love, compassion, happiness, etc. (An optimally functioning body doesn't waste energy - compare with fine-tuning your car.)

      to having a successful detoxification, is to understand the detox symptoms - which are often identical to (acute) disease symptoms you probably have been running to the doctor for all your life.
      And DON'T DO ANYTHING about them - just accept them as proof that your body is successful in its house-cleaning efforts - and what you observe is just the emptying of the garbage. Read Dr. Bass' What symptoms to expect when you improve your diet.

      - Acute disease is typically colds, runny nose, diarrhea, certain headaches - methods the body uses to speedily remove toxins. If toxins are allowed to accumulate, the next stage is chronic disease.
      - Illness is mainly caused by toxicity, and lack of energy (enervation). Illness from deficiency is more unusual in USA.
      - Nutritional deficiency is often caused by high toxicity that hinders uptake of nutrients. Extreme diets is another common cause of deficiencies - e.g. there are many examples of vegans or fruitarians getting into trouble due to vitamin and other deficiencies.
      -- Toxic and deficient are two sides of the body's chemical status.
      -- The body's energy ("electro-magnetic") status can also be deficient, which equals enervation. (What is the other side of this? Electro-magnetic pollution?)
      - Do you need a support group? See bottom of this page for a solution.


    Big housecleaning ongoing!

    WARNING: when you detoxify – you will feel funny, and may get cold-symptoms – perhaps runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, headaches. This is normal and good – just big house-cleaning ongoing!

    Q: Why not take a drug, like antibiotics, when it makes my cold go away immediately? Detoxification seems to take time and effort.

    A: Do you want superficial symptom-removal? Or do you want deep-seated removal of the cause of your illness?
    When the oil-warning lamp in your car lights up - you can cover it with black paint - now it doesn't show anymore and everything looks fine - that is symptom-removal. Or you can add oil - that is taking care of the cause.
    In the same way the cold, the illness, is just the symptom - that you can remove with drugs = similar to painting over the problem with paint - a cosmetic solution. You have not touched the cause at all. The cause is toxicity, and toxins must be removed by detoxification.

    If you don't let the body detoxify as it is trying to, the cold will come back again and again - and get worse and worse - until you get really ill - perhaps bedridden for weeks. If you manage to thwart even this forceful detox effort - the next step may be a chronic disease of some kind.

    It is smarter to work with the body, not against it. Help your body to keep its toxin level low - and you will not get sick. Perhaps never. And your energy level will be high, which will also show as exuberance and happiness.

    Q: But I can see with my own eyes that drugs make me well immediately!

    A: We have been told that drugs kill the virus, or bacteria, that cause the disease.
    But is this really true?
    Here is another explanation: one day your body has some extra energy that is decides to use for removing an overload of toxins. Housecleaning starts, and this shows as cold-symptons, or other (acute) illness (-symptoms).
    Now you take a drug. This is a potent poison, and your body slams all breaks on the ongoing housecleaning - instead it has to concentrate the forces on getting rid of this new poison. Your excess energy is redirected to remove the drug(-poison), and used up. End of house cleaning.
    End of cold-symptoms. It looks like a victory. But ....
    Your problem isn't solved, instead it has become larger (since total poison burden is increased).
    And you will feel extremely tired, and out of energy for quite some time.
    (New cleansing effort won't start again until you have gathered enough energy.)




    "You know life's gift to you is your body. Your thanks in return is to take the best care of it you can."
    Harvey Diamond

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